A spectacular family game!

The great cities of the world are challenging each other to present the most beautiful festival imaginable. The closing fireworks ceremony, held in all cities, will be the final rose in the crown of the festivities.

In Festival, you will be selecting tiles to place on your tableau to create the most impressive and beautiful fireworks display possible... and of course,
score the most victory points! 
This tile-placement and tile-stacking game will have you choosing to either take and place a firework tile on your turn, or select an objective card to complete for victory points at the game’s end! Don’t forget that the higher you stack your firework tiles, the more points you stand to collect in the end... and make sure to organize your display to land those coveted Crowd-Pleasers to get even more points, and lift your city to the top of the podium!

Festival is a colourblind friendly game : each colour has a little symbol associated with it so that everyone can play. 

Releasing October 2024 ! More information on our blog.

• 4 Double-sided Player Boards
(each with its own Firework and colour)
• 64 Firework Tiles
• 32 Objective cards
• 4 Starting Objective cards
• 4 Double-sided Crowd-Pleaser Tiles
• 1 Starting Player token
• 1 Rulebook